A Children's Hospital in Lyubertsy, Russia

Sunshine Heroes completed it's first project in Lybertsy, Russia. With the help of the International Women’s club of Moscow, the Sunshine Heroes Foundation supported the Lyubertsy Children’s Hospital through structural and equipment improvements. The Lyubertsy Children’s hospital houses sick babies and children who have been turned over to the state due to inadequate shelter and care. Five floors of the hospital were renovated including bedrooms, bathrooms, dining halls, nursing stations, directors’ offices, a kitchen, laboratory, and children’s playroom. In addition to structural improvements, Sunshine Heroes purchased equipment including respiratory machines, injection machines, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, water heaters, windows, new flooring, doors, refrigerators, cribs, beds, tables, chairs, mobiles, and blankets. We believe all children are entitled to proper medical care and safe, respectable living conditions. With the first Sunshine Heroes project ever, it is estimated that this center will serve over 10,000 children per year.