For years, Nature’s Sunshine has helped share wellness and transform lives around the world through both their business and philanthropic efforts. As a founding sponsor, Nature’s Sunshine has aided Sunshine Heroes in the renovation of baby hospitals in Russia, the construction of schools in Mali, Africa, the distribution of health supplements throughout Ghana and the building of children’s centers around the globe. Though our partnership, Nature’s Sunshine and the Sunshine Heroes Foundation have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in 19 different countries.





A Sunshine Children’s Center is a meeting place for communities in rural areas all around the world. Within a Sunshine Children’s center, children will become educated, improve their health, and most importantly have a safe haven  to learn and grow. To date we have completed seven Sunshine Children’s Centers throughout the world.

Often, we take for granted being able to receive healthcare when we need it. In many countries, children and their parents have to walk for several hours to receive health care. Within our health clinics children will receive healthcare that will allow them to live a happy, healthy life.

The majority of our daily requirement of vitamins and minerals comes from the food we eat, which is why our centers often include kitchens. In these kitchens, kids will learn the importance of a balanced diet and proper nutrition to fuel their growing bodies.

Our Sunshine Centers often include a library because we believe that education opens the door for opportunities. Within our libraries, kids will become more educated and have a greater chance of achieving their goals.

The excitement that comes to children from playing on a playground is something that cannot be explained, and it’s also a great source of exercise! Exercise is so important for children, because they are constantly growing.

In addition, we distribute Sunshine Heroes vitamins to the children in each of the communities we are serving.

Our hope is that through a Sunshine Children’s Center, we will improve the health, inspire the spirits and transform the lives of children around the world.

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