Ojochal, Nicaragua

Sunshine Heroes partnered with the Nicaragua Children's Foundation to build our 7th Sunshine Children's Center. This center includes a library, health clinic, garden, playground, and serves as a meeting place for the communities of Ojochal, Torovenado, Miravalle and Fátima. Local libraries in Nicaragua don't loan out their books, and new books are very rare. There is little to no access to books or information. With the library supplied, children will have more access to reading and education than ever before! Local people  do not have local access to any kind of health care either, unless they walked for over 24 hours. Now, due to the Children’s Center, A Nicaraguan Doctor will administer medical consultations once a month to the communities served by the Center. The playground located at the Center is the only playground located in Ojochal and is the one of the biggest playgrounds in Nicaragua. The children in Ojochal had never seen or played on a playground before this was built! The paint on the slide was worn off at the end of the first day because of it's enthusiastic use. It is estimated that this center will serve over 3,000 people per year.