Support the One


Be the One

Sunshine Heroes is proud to offer several opportunities for individual and corporate involvement! And the best part about it? 100% of every donation made will directly fund our global projects and improve the lives of children.


Program Support

Support field projects around the world! Fund programs for children, provide water to villages for the first time, or purchase medical equipment to those with limited access.


Payroll Deduction

Encourage employees to contribute to Sunshine Heroes through a company-endorsed cause. Make a greater impact in the world through corporate matching.


Speaking Engagements

Invite Sunshine Heroes to speak at an upcoming board meeting, corporate retreat, or team gathering. We’d be honored to share the impact of our work with employees!


Event Sponsorship

Participate in a future fundraising event. Choose to be an event sponsor, purchase tickets or seats, invite others to attend, or donate auction items and packages.


Fundraising Campaigns

Create a personal campaign and begin raising funds for Sunshine Heroes! Invite employees to be creative and get behind a noble cause that will change the lives of others.



Volunteer at a Sunshine Heroes project site and witness the impact of our work firsthand. Work with us to form a global expedition and allow employees to participate in our mission.


All for One


Corporate Partnerships

Sunshine Heroes offers customized partnership programs, benefiting both corporations and developing communities. We provide companies with the tools and opportunities to strengthen teams and improve morale in the workplace.


Field Partnerships

We collaborate with local experts and partners on the ground, ensuring that each Sunshine Heroes project is impactful and sustainable. We fund those that support our core areas of focus: clean water, health, and education.