Bringing Water to Belize

Sunshine Heroes Foundation has improved upon our model to focus on clean water, health, and education. To kick off this initiative, we headed down to Chunox, Belize to fund a new village drill! We partnered up with Who Lives and Going Beyond Borders to introduce this drill as well as train local residents on its use, maintenance, and impact in several other surrounding communities. We will improve the health and quality of life immensely by providing clean water. Open wells often lead to contaminated water not suitable for drinking, causing severe illness and other health concerns. While working on the project, our team lifted buckets of water from an open well nearby pulling out debris and even a live turtle! With the implementation of the new water drill, a closed well will tap into the pure aquifer water source far below the depths of a standard open well.

Our team was privileged to meet Lidia. A mother of five, two of her children attend school where the water well was drilled. Piped water at the school isn't drinkable, so this project will serve her children alongside 150 more. Clean water from this well will also improve the lives of families in the area who will no longer need to purchase drinking water from a water truck each morning. As the only woman on the drill crew, we asked what motivates Lidia to show up and work so hard. She responded with a smile, "It's a big project. I want to make sure it gets done." These local residents have dreams, and we are honored to provide them with opportunities to fulfill them.