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Field Partners

We collaborate with local experts and partners on the ground, ensuring that each Sunshine Heroes project is impactful and sustainable. These valuable partners consist of non-profits, international NGOs, government officials, and leaders from diverse communities. Sunshine Heroes provides program funding that supports our core areas of focus: clean water, health, and education. Partners and local residents sustain the projects for lasting impact.

Programs should improve the lives of children and families in developing communities.

Proposals should empower children and families with clean water, health, or education.

Partners should provide frequent field reports with project updates and impact metrics.

Projects should have a long-term management plan in place to ensure sustainable impact.

We are proud to have Sunshine Heroes as a long-term partner and look forward to creating a brighter, sustainable future together here in Panama.

Emily Talentino · Executive Director, Give & Surf

Field Project Proposal

If you meet the requirements above, apply to partner with us by submitting a project proposal using our online form.


Report Project Updates

If you are a current partner with Sunshine Heroes Foundation, please submit project updates and photographs.